Rodeo Grill
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...because you deserve a better lunch!

If you're looking for great food at a resonable price, you're in the right place!
We know you work hard and deserve a good meal.
Chicken Fried Steak (small)
Butterfly Shrimp
Smothered Chicken Breast
Barnyard Club
Filley Steak with rodeo chips
Open Monday through Saturday 11am-2pm
Plus Friday Evenings 4:30-8:30pm,
520 N. Centennial Blvd., Nevada, MO  64772
We do things a bit differently here.

This is how it works...

Walk in, Order & Pay. 
Pick up your food.
 Enjoy your meal. 
Get in, Get out, Get on with your day :-)

That's how we do it here.
That's the RODEO way!
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You never know what Teresia is cooking up next.
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